Habitat For Humanity Sacramento Build Day

Habitat For Humanity Sacramento – Build Day 2016

The DeMasi Group takes great pride in giving back to the communities it serves. So far this year The DeMasi Group has helped local organizations cleanup Playfields Park in Davis, North Natomas Regional Park and spruced up a Freeman Elementary School in Woodland. Most recently our own Ken Konecny volunteered for the Habitat For Humanity build day in Sacramento.

Ken is a member of Giveback Homes a nonprofit that partners with local real estate agents to help give back in the communities they serve. Ken and members of Giveback Homes teamed up with other volunteers from Referral Exchange and Habitat For Humanity to help with the construction of a new home in Del Paso Heights for the Robinson family.

The Robinson Family Story

“Rozonna Robinson is a single mother with two daughters-Keyairah who is 5 and T’Keyah who is 23 and suffers from severe lupus. She her two daughters, and her three year old grandson Zarion all currently live in a 2-bedroom apartment where her daughters and grandson all share a room.

The family had previously lived in a less over-crowded apartment off Mac Road and Center Parkway, until one day when Rozonna was walking here daughter to daycare and came across a shooting victim. When her daughter asked why the man was sleeping, Rozonna knew she couldn’t stay and moved into the over-crowded apartment where he family lives currently.

Rozonna works full time as a bus driver with a rotating schedule that changes every three months. She comes out in between shifts and on her days off to work on her 500 hours of “sweat equity.” On her days doing sweat equity, Rozonna has started a tradition of praying with the volunteers before beginning the build day. “When I started the program,” said Rozonna, “I thought it was just homeowners building their homes. The I realized it was the volunteers, the donors, the sponsors – it was eye opening. It’s a lot of people out there helping build these homes for others. That’s such a blessing! That’s why I pray every day on the jobsite for the lord to bless this.” -Habitat for Humanity Sacramento

Let The Work Begin

Ken and the volunteers worked all day clearing trenches, installing construction membrane and installing lap board siding on the exterior of the Robinson’s family home.

Volunteers getting ready to jump in the trenches to clean them out.

Ken cutting lap board siding.

Good Morning Sacramento on location filming the fun.

Ken and the Giveback Homes team.

The volunteer team!

Ken and The DeMasi Group are happy to lend a helping hand to the communities they serve. The Robinson family is now one step closer to having their own home! Ken is looking forward to the next build day.